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Current STABLE release is v3.1.5

Current BETA release is v3.1.7 * Stable Candidate *

NOTE Regarding LoTW Support: It works differently than other loggers. If you are going to use the feature,
you need to do some setup BEFORE you log contacts that you want to upload. There's an overview page
called "LoTW Setup Overview" in the Help documentation (in the Online Electronic Logs section of the Contents page).

Release Notes (for all versions)

Please note: STABLE versions are considered full production status.

BETA versions may have unreported bugs.

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NOTE TO LINUX USERS: the manual install "tar archive" will be chosen for you by default.
That version can be installed on a large variety of Linux distributions. However, if you want to
install NetLogger on a Debian based distribution (this includes Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.), you should
choose the Debian package instead. It's a lot easier (just double click on it in the file manager),
and it will be integrated properly into the gui environment.

If you wish to determine whether the latest version of NetLogger has a feature
or bug fix that you want, you can read the latest release notes here: NetLogger Release Notes

Please do not email the author of the new version of NetLogger (AC0ZG) with questions.
He will just send you a standard email reply telling you to submit questions in the
NetLogger forum so that everyone can benefit from answers and other members of the
community can pitch in and help. The NetLogger forum is located at

If you find a bug, please report it using the ticket system located at
Please do not submit tickets for enhancement requests at this time.
Enhancement requests should also be posted to the NetLogger forum so they
can be discussed and consensus can be reached regarding the popularity
and design of the potential enhancement.